Fountains in Toulouse

Yesterday my walk around town had a theme: water.  I encountered various fountains with their lion head water spouts.  Throughout history the lion has stood for courage and strength and has remained a powerful symbol.

You don’t want to fool around with those guys!

Fountains are gathering places and seeing those lion heads made me think of a famous line of Victor Hugo in his famous poem Bo√∂z Endormi from the L√©gende des Si√®cles (1859):¬† “C’√©tait l’heure tranquille o√Ļ les lions vont boire.”¬† “It was the peaceful hour where lions go to drink.” referring to the time of day when lions come to the water hole.

Whether majestic or  simple in design, they all convey a sense of quietude.

I came this cast-iron sculpture which is a public drinking fountain.  Those fountains called Wallace fountains were designed by Charles-Auguste Lebourg and financed by an English gentleman, Sir Richard Wallace, in the nineteen century.  You can find them in Paris and in many cities across France.  As a child I remember loving drinking from them.  This one no longer offers potable water.


Toulouse is called the “Ville Rose”, the “pink city” and I like the reflection of the sun on the bricks giving the town its warm atmosphere.¬† A very soothing and inspirational stroll…


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  1. Jeri says:

    I adore those lions. What lovely pussycats indeed. How lovely to see the sunshine; it is pouring rain here in New York now…

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