“The Complete Decorated Journal”

A few years ago, I took out a book from the library: The Decorated Page by Gwen Diehn.   I liked it so much that I kept checking it out every time it was back on the shelf.  I finally purchased a copy.  In 2010, I met Gwen Diehn and last year she asked if I could send her pictures of pages of my journals for the new book she was writing: The Complete Decorated Journal.  I just received my advance copy and I am so excited!  This new book is a combination of two of her previously published books: The Decorated Page and The Decorated Journal, with updated information and profiles from journaling artists. It is a treasure chest of information for any person, whether beginner or seasoned artist.  I am honored to be included in this book and I am grateful for the opportunity.  Here is a photo of the cover as well as an image of my artist profile page:















































One of the journal pages chosen for the book is an account of my trip to Philadelphia two years ago to see the Fiber Biennial at the Snyderman gallery. Journaling helps you remember what you did or places you saw.  Last Wednesday I went back to Philadelphia to see some of the exhibits part of the event: Fiber Philadelphia, “an international biennial and regional festival for innovative fiber/textile art.”  On my way to the Snyderman gallery I saw some of the places represented in my journal page: the souvenir store, the pet supply store and the window of an Italian restaurant that no longer has a curtain.


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  1. Shirley says:

    Very exciting! And so much fun to relive your Philadelphia experience with Pat in your journal and for a second year.

    I think Gwen’s book is just AMAZING! Anyone who wants to begin an illustrated journal can find everything they need in one book – even ideas for making your own journal.

  2. Benedicte, how cool! I have both of her books and now must get the new one! I love keeping journals — making them, drawing in them, writing in them. How cool that you have work in her new book. Good for you!

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