57” x 30”

Cotton fabrics self-created with monoprinted patterns and letters using thickened dyes, wool batting, machine quilted with cotton thread with words written using free motion quilting

Short statement:
Memory, a work made by monoprinting on fabric with thickened dyes, is a visual commentary on the subject of memory.  The word memory appears to be written and erased on a school blackboard and is a statement about the sharpness and blurriness of memory, as well as the frustration of not being able to remember represented by the scribbling lines.  The stitching echoes and emphasizes the movement of the lines and the words.  Look closely and you will see machine stitches describing words such as: remember, souvenir, recollection and other expressions related to the subject of memory.

Terrain Gallery  Line, Shape, Color, NY, NY 2007
Urban Inspiration, NY, NY 2007 - Recipient of the Judge’s choice award
A World of Quilts XXIX  2008 - Honorable mention
Contextual Texture 2008, Kingsborough Community College, Brooklyn, NY

$ 6,000.00

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